Talent Booking with Soul

A new approach to talent booking

Left Hand Blue is a new kind of talent booking agency from Jaimey Walking Bear — a 20+ year veteran of the event, technology, and Ecommerce industries.

If you’ve found your way here, then you’re a thought leader, a creative, a subject expert, or an entrepreneur (or all of the above) in your own right.

Congratulations for being awesome. :-)

Maybe you’re already on the speaking circuit or booking performance gigs semi-regularly and want to take it to the next level. Maybe you're an expert in your field and are ready to take that first leap into the public speaking engagements.  

Either way, you want it all — to make a difference in the world, build a lasting message, create financial abundance, AND feel healthy and fulfilled.

Let's be honest about the event space....

How familiar does any of this sound:

  • Navigating or breaking into the event space as a speaker can vast and noisy, and a bit of a black box at times

  • You want to leverage speaking or performance gigs into new client prospects (i.e. more income), but that’s a bit of a black box too

  • You’ve worked with a booking agent before, but they were mostly just interested in their commission

  • OR, you’re doing it on your own — hustling to get paid speaking gigs PLUS leverage that into new client contacts WHILE working your regular job (yikes!)

How refreshing it would be to have partner who is thinking about both your personal and professional development?

Holistic professional development is here

I’ve been around the event industry for a long time, working with and supporting thousands of thought leaders like your over the last 10+ years. I know the event business well, and can use that to serve you in finding more (or your first) paid speaking or performance engagements.

BUT, I’m equally invested in helping discover opportunities for the whole complex, talented person you are.

Honing your message and expanding your network. Leveraging speaking or performance gigs for new clients and streams of income. Giving you resources to take care of you when it's not show time. 

Having evaluated speakers and their proposals for countless conference stages, I can help you master your exposure and bookings — keeping your soul purpose at the heart of what you do.

Work with Left Hand Blue, and you’ll have a partner who is invested in your happiness and prosperity — making your work as a thought leader or creative more fun, more complete, more abundant, and more worry-free.

  • If you’re a regular on the speaking circuit, but looking for more gigs, better paying gigs, and new client connections, I can help.
  • If you're an event producer struggling to find the right talent, let's talk. I've been in your shoes for a while now.
  • If you’re changing careers or re-entering the workplace and have a gift of gab or storytelling, let's talk. Chances are I can help you as well.
  • If you’re a musician or band looking to expand your bookings into unexpected or surprising new venues, I can help there too.

Free Speaking Proposal Assessment and Consultation

Have a recent speaking proposal that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves? Let us help with a free discovery consultation, including a complimentary proposal review (or help drafting your first one). We'll zero in on key actions to make that proposal sing and get noticed. Just give us 30 minutes.