About Left Hand Blue

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Left Hand Blue is a new kind of consulting and event services agency from Jaimey Walking Bear — a 20+ year veteran of the event, technology, and Ecommerce industries.

My favorite part about events is their raw opportunity for people to transform the world. Person-to-person sharing of a story, a lesson, or creative expression that you plant as a seed — that ripples outward and improves the world in too many ways for you to consciously know.

Pure magic.

And, there's so much opportunity for them to be a platform of transformation for so many more communities.

If you found your way here you’re a thought leader, a creative, a subject expert, a heart-centered entrepreneur, or just someone with an amazing story just bursting to be shared with the world (or all of the above).

Congratulations for being awesome. :-)

You’re an expert in something (bonus secret: everyone is), looking for a career switch — or a second chance at life — through public speaking or performance.

OR you’re already on the speaking circuit and want new ideas to channel those wins into increased business opportunities and professional growth — while staying balanced and healthy.

Basically, you want it all — to make a difference in the world, build a lasting message, create financial abundance, AND feel healthy and fulfilled.

So let's be real about events for a moment....

I love the event business. It's my Hogwarts-Unicorn-Tardis kind of joy, filled with all the exponential creativity and possibility mentioned above. The event space can also be:

  • Noisy

  • Difficult to get your foot in the door

  • Difficult to navigate once you’re there

  • Overwhelming for introverts

  • Cliquish and non-inclusive

  • Not invested in your whole-person fulfillment, health, and success

  • Kind of like a casino — you go in, forget about time because of the rush, and forget about doing self-care in the process

How refreshing it would be to have partner who is thinking about your personal and professional success?

Your winning? It's personal to me.

I created Left Hand Blue because I’m passionate about events, and about doing three things to transform our industry:

  1. Helping people having one of those second-calling moments in their lives share their gift through public speaking and performance

  2. Making events more inclusive — more opportunities for women and persons of color, on the stage and off

  3. Helping people like you expand speaking or performance successes into every area of your life — personally and professionally

Working with Left Hand Blue, you’ll have a partner who is invested in your total happiness and prosperity — making your work as a thought leader or creative more abundant, fun, productive, worry-free, and balanced — through our full menu of education, booking, and development services. You’ll master:

  • Learning how to make the leap into events
  • Honing your story and presenting with confidence and intention
  • Building a meaningful network you love through service
  • Leveraging gigs for new clients and streams of income
  • Maximizing your long-term impact during and after the event
  • Staying healthy, balanced, and expansive throughout the journey

Ready? Poke around a bit here and let’s chat, if the spirit moves ya!

What's a Left Hand Blue anyway?

One of my core life philosophies is that if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong (a reminder that shows up in the work of many of my personal heroes. You might call me a Vaudevillian Buddhist (everything is changing and interesting, so much is entertaining, and that's a wonderful blessing).

Left Hand Blue is my homage to to the classic human contortionist game, Twister. It's a reminder to myself to have fun, stay curious, be joyful, be fleexible, and bend to serve others whenever necessary.

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