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A boutique speaking agency for people saving the world.

We love to work with change-makers on a mission to transform and heal the the world. You’re a teacher, a coach, an entrepreneur, or a leader (or all of the above) with a vision, awesome superpowers, and a unique message that needs to be heard by an audience — for the good of the planet.

You’re also busy (you’re changing the world, for pete’s sake!) You’re looking for a road map (or at least a few guideposts) to help you make sense of the event business. Be seen. Be heard. Change the world.

If you’re tired of waiting for someone to choose your speaking proposal, tired of waiting for the event space to be more inclusive, or just need a little help growing something you’ve started — we’ve got your back.

We provide practical and soul-affirming tools, strategies, and expertise to help you launch your speaking business, and thrive inside the event space once you’re there.

Worry-free booking and holistic professional development services for the whole you. Soul-nurturing education resources. Strategies to keep you in balance and your superpowers charged.

Let's do something great together.

Better Bookings and More Client Prospects? Easy as 1, 2, 3


1: learn about Our philosophy & approach

Left Hand Blue is different kind of speaker booking experience, period. We're interested in the whole complex professional that you are. Read on about our unique approach to a noisy industry.


2: explore our booking & Business services

We make your work as a public thought leader and subject expert worry-free. Offering a holistic menu of booking, virtual assistance, and soul-centered professional development services and resources. 

3: free proposal assessment & consult

Get started with a free speaking proposal assessment and discovery consultation. We'll zero in on the key actions you can take to get more (and better) speaking gigs. Just give us 30 minutes.


Free Speaking Proposal Assessment and Consultation

Have a recent speaking proposal that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves? Let us help with a free discovery consultation, including a complimentary proposal review (or help drafting your first one). We'll zero in on key actions to make that proposal sing and get noticed. Just give us 30 minutes.